Vauxhall at The Filling Station, King's Cross, London

Vauxhall Ampera Season – July to December 2012

The Vauxhall Ampera Season is the inaugural season of cultural programming at the newly created King’s Cross Filling Station, London’s latest landmark. It's inspired by the award-winning Vauxhall Ampera, the first extended-range vehicle with zero range anxiety, which launched in May 2012. The six month season has been developed to offer an engaging and free programme of culture, with a focus on celebrating the fascinating future of art, science and technology.

Forethought series

Run over three evenings in July, three very different partners presented a night of thought and ideas, exploring how technology and science are changing our lives. The debates explored everything from the future of music to flying cars and the development of architecture.

Super/Collider science weekend

August's science weekend, curated by Super/Collider, kicked off with a pioneering installation by Patrick Stevenson-Keating called ‘Future Station.’ He displayed alternative fuel types, questioning what may happen when the oil runs dry, and showcased the future of filling stations.


The science weekend featured talks, socials and live demonstrations featuring the latest gadgets and scientific developments in an exciting post-petroleum future. This included hydrogen fuel-cell racing, a personal rapid-transport pod demo and nightly laser-fusion light shows.

Technology week

In August, curator Beatrice Galilee presented a fun, family-friendly series of events which broke the rules and showed how to re-design, re-imagine and re-invent the future through a series of interactive workshops and talks.

Canal commission

In September, award-winning visual artist Max Hattler projected his never-seen-before film onto a giant screen of water, rising from Regent's Canal. Max Hattler described his animation as a “psychedelic geometric ballet”, with abstract shapes playing out into a circus of super energised movement and colour.

Electric Christmas

Taking inspiration from the Vauxhall Ampera, set designer Gary Card will create a giant, mechanical, electric Christmas tree that will become a nightly spectacle throughout the 2012 festive period. The sleek Christmas tree will open up in an hourly display to reveal a gleaming engine-like structure within. The tree will be crowned by a shining star made entirely from Ampera headlights.