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Vauxhall Presents ‘Made In England’

To celebrate 110 years of car manufacturing, Vauxhall Motors commissioned Katy England, one of the world’s leading fashion stylists, to create a short film, exploring all that is great about British style and design.

‘Made in England’ captures a 24 hour window of life in Britain in 2013 and explores how fashion influences the automotive design. A lone driver journeys through countryside and cityscape in the award winning Vauxhall Ampera, encountering four scenes that represent iconic movements in British youth culture today.

Mark Adams, Vice President of Design at Vauxhall Motors says, “Made in England was commissioned to delve into British youth culture, allowing us to really engage with and understand British fashion and culture tribes. Our vehicle designs are a product of research and development, so it is key for us to understand the people who are driving Vauxhall cars now and into the future.”

“Working to lead times of 4 years, means our designers need foresight to predict what will be ‘on-trend’, ahead of the mainstream and hits a balance – too trendy, and the design dates too fast, too conservative and it will look old. ‘Made In England’ and Katy’s vision helps this education.”

Producers PrettyBird created an accompanying Behind the Scenes film, offering insights into Katy’s thought process across style, characters and narrative.