Record Sports Tourer production at Ellesmere Port


Ellesmere Port Plant Director Tony Francavilla with the Astra Sports Tourer

High demand for the Astra Sports Tourer has helped Vauxhall Ellesmere Port to record line rates of 47 units per hour since July 2011. The plant assembled a total of 139,528 vehicles in two shifts in 2011, of which 129,648 were Sports Tourers during its first full year of production.


91% of the Sports Tourers were bound for export to mainland Europe and beyond with a particularly strong uptake in Germany. 50,153 Sports Tourers where sold there in 2011 – Germany having historically a very strong demand for estates.

Vauxhall’s Astra Sports Tourer is renowned for its practicality and vast load-space while offering a stylish look and feel as well as great value to retail and fleet customers alike. In the UK, the Sports Tourer came consistently first in its segment in the sales charts.


Plant Director Tony Francavilla says: "We are proud of Ellesmere Port's outstanding results, building cars and vans to great quality standards whilst satisfying high customer demand. I am very thankful for our workforce's continuous dedication and we are all looking forward to another successful year."