Vauxhall presents HydroGen4 vehicle at H2Mobility


The Vauxhall HydroGen4, powered by hydrogen fuel-cell technology

Vauxhall presented its fourth-generation hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle ‘HydroGen4’ at the UK H2Mobility launch event in London on 18 January 2012.


UK H2Mobility pulls together various industry stakeholders under a government initiative to investigate and develop clean hydrogen fuel-cell mobility in the UK. At Vauxhall, we continue to explore the potential of all alternative propulsion technologies and, as an environmentally responsible and forward-thinking company with over 100-years of heritage in Britain, we’re proud to be at the forefront of hydrogen fuel cell technology development.

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles combine the advantages of electric propulsion with the convenience of fast fuelling and long range capabilities. GM and Vauxhall have been investing in the research and development of hydrogen fuel-cell technologies for over a decade. Supported by an extensive test fleet in Europe and the US, with over 100 fuel cell vehicles logging around two million miles since 2008, we expect the technology to be ready to introduce to the market in 2016.


Bill Parfitt, Vauxhall Motors’ Director for Government Affairs and Public Policy, comments on the UK H2Mobility initiative. “Following our company’s unrelenting focus on hydrogen fuel-cell technology development, the launch and successful roll-out of these vehicles will now depend on the availability of hydrogen to the consumer in a real life environment. We therefore greatly appreciate this very timely initiative, gathering various stakeholders, under the government’s lead, to establish an adequate strategy for future hydrogen development in the UK.”