Vauxhall Special Vehicles goes Nordic


Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer police vehicle

This January, Vauxhall Special Vehicles accompanied the Association of Chief Police Officers Intelligent Transport Systems (ACPO ITS) to the Norwegian Police Conference in Oslo to demonstrate the Single Vehicle Architecture fitted to our Astra and Insignia models.


The demonstration to police forces in Norway follows successful previous presentations to the French police at the British Embassy, and Milipol in Paris in 2011.


The Norwegian Police Conference was attended by 250 government, police and procurement staff. The British Ambassador to Norway, Jane Owen, was also there. She met our Vauxhall Special Vehicles representatives to discuss how British technology is supporting police in crime-fighting.

An impressive performance

The Norwegian police were so impressed with Single Vehicle Architecture technology, and the way we’ve applied it in the Astra and Insignia models, that Vauxhall Special Vehicles has been invited to show the cars to an audience of fleet managers in March 2012. The Danish police also had their own demonstration of our police vehicles.


Dick Ellam, Vauxhall Special Vehicles Manager said: “We are very pleased with the interest we have had in our vehicles from the police in Norway, as well as in France and Denmark. We are now in the process of developing left-hand drive demonstration models, which will be fully compliant to ACPO ITS Single Vehicle Architecture, to loan to the Norwegian and French police forces.”


Vauxhall is a member of the One Box Consortium working with ACPO ITS. One Box provides a standardised specification to which all manufacturers and suppliers can adhere, allowing them to produce common wiring for equipment and connection points. This allows users to plug and play their electronics and reduces the time needed for equipping and decommissioning vehicles.