Vauxhall & British Gas team up for Ampera


Vauxhall Ampera plugged in to a British Gas electric vehicle charging solution

The award-winning Ampera will now be available with a fast-charge kit that reduces its full charging time by around two hours, thanks to an agreement between Vauxhall and British Gas.


Vauxhall is offering all Ampera owners the British Gas electric vehicle charging solution. This includes installation of a home charge point, a three year warranty on parts and labour, and a three year Home Electrical Care™ package.*


As part of the agreement, British Gas will also provide a free home electrical survey to all our Vauxhall Ampera customers. Without obligation, a British Gas engineer will recommend the best home charging solution, from dedicated circuits to the best home charging points from which to charge your Ampera.

The solution

The electric vehicle charging solution allows the Ampera to draw 16 amps of charge, compared with the six or ten amps normally available to householders. This reduces the car’s total charging time from six to four hours. When fully charged, the Ampera will then be able to travel up to 50 miles with no exhaust emissions, while its clever range-extender boosts this figure by up to 310 miles.


From £799, the British Gas electric vehicle charging solution represents excellent value from British Gas – three years of Home Electrical Care is included in the price. Discounts of up to 75 per cent are also available on some charging solutions to people living in areas designated as ‘Plugged-in Places’ by the government.

The benefit

“Our new partnership with British Gas will provide a major benefit to all Ampera customers,” said Duncan Aldred, Vauxhall’s Chairman and Managing Director. “We can now guarantee that new owners are assured of the very best advice about safe and efficient charging, completely free of charge. It also complements our existing Ampera Customer Charter by offering customers a bespoke service, allowing them to get the very best from their car.”


Dan Taylor, Director of New Ventures at British Gas said, “Partnering with Vauxhall on powering their electric cars is a very exciting driver of growth for British Gas as electric cars move into the mainstream. With our network of engineers, we can help make buying an electric car accessible and convenient through specialist advice and the installation of charging points.”

The Ampera

The Vauxhall Ampera reaches UK showrooms May 2012, priced from £29,995 including the government’s ‘plug-in’ car grant. While electrically driven at all times, the electrically driven Ampera has a range of up to 360 miles, thanks to its clever range-extender. 50 of these are completely emission-free – enough to cope with 85 per cent of commutes.


Earlier this month, the Ampera was named as European Car of the Year 2012 by 59 leading journalists from 23 countries.

*Installation includes home survey, home electric inspections, installation, testing and full instruction on how to use. Installation comes with a three year warranty on parts and labour and three-year Home Electrical Care™ for the whole house. For terms and conditions, please visit