Introducing the Cascada convertible


Vauxhall has revealed the name and first teaser shots of its first new mid-size convertible built and designed by the company for more than 70 years.


Called Cascada, the car is 4.7 metres in length and has a full-size fabric roof, giving it a classy and elegant profile. The roof can be opened or closed at the touch of a button, even when the car is moving.


While Vauxhall has enjoyed considerable success in the past with open-topped models in the compact class, and has also commissioned open-topped versions of the Cavalier to be built by outside manufacturers, the Cascada is the first medium-sized convertible that it's built and designed in-house since before World War II.

Fresh and exciting

One of the last large, convertible-bodied cars built at Vauxhall was the iconic OE-type 30-98, which could be specified with the company’s own Velox body. The 30-98 was the UK’s first catalogued 100mph car, and a serious competitor for Bentley’s 3-litre models in its day.


Cascada is the third new name to be introduced by Vauxhall this year, following Mokka and ADAM.


Vauxhall Chairman and Managing Director, Duncan Aldred, was enthusiastic about the lift each model offers the company: “Cascada, along with ADAM and Mokka, will bring a fresh and exciting dimension to our product line-up for customers. This year is genuinely a new chapter in Vauxhall’s long history, and I’m pleased that we’re able to enter the mid-size convertible sector with Cascada, and continue to refresh people’s perception of our great brand.”


The Cascada won’t be shown at the September 2012 Paris Motor Show (where ADAM will take centre-stage), but more information will follow soon. The car goes on sale in early 2013.