Vauxhall achieves business continuity standard


Vauxhall HR Director Phil Millward, left, with Chairman and MD Duncan Aldred

Vauxhall Motors has added the highly coveted BS 25999 certification to its best-practice portfolio. This moves us into an exceptional position within the automotive sector with three significant certifications – Top Employer, Investors in People and BS 25999.


BS 25999 is a British standard for business continuity management. Achieving it reflects our high standards of responsibility and reliability across our products and functions at Vauxhall. BS 25999 is only accredited to organisations with measures and processes in place that mean they can continue doing business in adverse situations. These situations include major events such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks, and minor incidents such as delays caused by ice and snow on the roads.

Achieving the standard

To gain BS 25999 accreditation, we had to consistently implement various measures and processes throughout our organisation, many of which involved employees and other stakeholders across our various sites.


Phil Millward, Human Resources Director of Vauxhall Motors, said: "The process of preparing for BS 25999 has been comprehensive and detailed. The team has devoted many hours to planning, coaching and driving successful implementation of the plan. I'm proud to say that everyone has joined them with enthusiasm resulting in this outstanding achievement. This brings another example of best practice to Vauxhall."