Get a grip with Vauxhall MasterFit’s winter tyres


Vauxhall MasterFit deep tread winter tyre

In temperatures at or below seven degrees centigrade, the tread compound on standard summer tyres starts to harden and lose grip. So, this year, MasterFit Retailers are offering to supply and fit special winter tyres for all popular Vauxhall models.


Winter tyres contain more natural rubber than their summer equivalents, which means better flexibility and grip in temperatures below seven degrees. And research by insurance companies in the UK has revealed that, during the winter, almost 50 per cent of vehicle collisions are caused by skidding on snow or ice.


The high number of ‘sipes’ in the tread area on winter tyres are actually designed to fill with snow. This is beneficial as snow grips to snow better than rubber does, increasing grip and stability during bad adverse weather conditions. Winter tyres can reduce braking distances by up to 10 per cent in rain and up to 20 per cent in snow.


Vauxhall Service Channel Manager, Belinda Craik, explains: “Winter tyres offer improved grip and increased safety margins in cold weather conditions, particularly on snow and ice. Vauxhall MasterFit continues to offer motorists great value, with a wide range of tyres to suit their vehicles.”


To get prices for winter tyres, speak to your local MasterFit Retailer.