Vauxhall unveils new Monza concept at Frankfurt


Monza front view with Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann

Vauxhall’s innovative Monza concept model will make its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month. The model will also unveil the next generation of Vauxhalls which focus on optimum connectivity and efficiency.


The original Monza was a large coupé with a smooth-running six-cylinder engine. It was produced as the Vauxhall Royale in the UK and manufactured until 1982. The new Monza concept evolves the Monza tradition, marrying the distinctive Vauxhall crease, high-precision design and sweeping contours with a new, athletic interpretation of the typical Vauxhall sculptural shapes.


The new Monza is the first ever car to feature cutting-edge LED projection infotainment, taking connectivity to another level. 18 LED projectors create a single, adaptable, multi-functional display, reflecting all important functions, from precise vehicle and driver information to internet and communication options. The display can be customised to suit a drivers’ needs, taste or mood.


Smartphone connectivity is also a key feature with ‘me’, ‘us’ and ‘all’ connectivity options allowing drivers to connect with friends, family or the internet community as they drive.


Efficiency is expressed in the spacious lightweight design and the revolutionary powertrain evolves that of the Ampera, with the Monza using natural gas instead of petrol. Further, Vauxhall continues to combine the potential of electric propulsion with the benefits of the internal combustion engine.


Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, Vauxhall CEO says, “The Monza concept embodies what our customers can expect from us within the next few years, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of efficiency and connectivity between drivers and the internet community. It already anticipates future everyday automotive life, and serves as an important source of inspiration on the road to that destination.”