Vauxhall sets the gold standard for managers


Chris Roberts, Vauxhall’s Retail Network Development Director

Vauxhall is leading the way in the motor industry with its new retailer management learning and development programme.


Due to go live in January, the new programme sets a mandatory gold standard target for senior managers throughout Vauxhall’s retail network, to be achieved by 2015.


Mapped to Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) management accreditation, the industry-recognised standard, the new programme will allow senior retailer managers to hone their leadership skills to further benefit their business and inspire staff.


Vauxhall’s overall aim is to optimise performance, profit and employee engagement in its extensive 260-strong retail network.


“Vauxhall’s goal is to be market leader by 2016 and this involves working in partnership with our retailers and their people to develop better leadership skills,” said Chris Roberts, Vauxhall’s Retail Network Development Director. “Our managers are a valuable commodity and we want them to have the skills to build and above all retain, the strongest teams, achieving the best results.”


Steve Nash, IMI Chief Executive, added, “Vauxhall is at the forefront of raising the standards and availability of leadership training in the automotive sector.”