Vauxhall Firenza ‘Droop Snoot’ celebrates 40 years


The Vauxhall Firenza HP Droop Snoot

Fans and collectors got together at Vauxhall Motor’s Heritage Centre in Luton and Millbrook over the weekend of 17 and 18 May to celebrate the 40th birthday of the iconic Vauxhall Firenza Droop Snoot.


The Firenza HP, first manufactured in 1973, was nicknamed the ‘Droop Snoot’ because of its distinctive, concorde-like sloping nose. Manufactured at Ellesmere Port, the HP marked a return to sport for Vauxhall, and was the first Vauxhall to crack 0-60mph in 10 seconds.


Droop Snoots at Vauxhall Heritage Centre

The Droop Snoot Group gathered at Vauxhall headquarters with 40 of their cars to celebrate the Droop Snoot’s legacy. ‘Old Nail’, the car used in British saloon racing by Gerry Marshall in the 1970s, was displayed alongside a selection of 13 recently restored Firenzas.


On day two, a selection of cars were driven to Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire to be driven around the Speed Bowl and Hill Route.


“It’s a privilege to celebrate such an iconic car by bringing so many Droop Snoots together at the Vauxhall Heritage Centre and Millbrook,” said Dave Childs, Droop Snoot Group publicity and press representative. “The day was made even more special by the presence of Vauxhall’s Droop Snoot chief engineer Roy Cooke, who discussed the development and progression of the car.”


“We were very proud to host the 40th anniversary of such an important car in Vauxhall’s history,” said Simon Hucknall, Vauxhall’s PR manager. “We have a long and illustrious track record of producing iconic sporting cars, like the HP, and this tradition continues with the current VXR range, which this year celebrates 10 years in the UK market.”