Vauxhall Teamwork in Action


The decorating team at work

When one of Vauxhall’s Luton pensioners found himself suddenly alone with only his little dog for company his world turned upside down. Caring for himself no longer seemed important and, gradually, his home began to fall apart. His analogue television set stopped working with the switch to digital, his microwave packed up and his house fell into decline.

When his plight came to the attention of Cherie Denton, the Vauxhall Welfare Officer, she arranged a visit and immediately started contacting agencies who could help, including Age Concern Luton, the Royal British Legion, the Motor & Allied Trade Benevolent Fund (BEN) and – of course – the Vauxhall Welfare Fund.

However, when talking to Vauxhall’s body-shop manager Dave Garrett about another issue, she was greeted with a further offer of help.

Body-shop employees Simon Petrie, Steve Woodward, Robert Turner and Kevin Allen went to the gentleman’s house and helped him clear his unwanted items. And, while his property was getting a deep clean, they volunteered to re-decorate it for him. One of the team even sourced a digital television and set it up with a great picture. Another brought a fridge and a third a working microwave. “It was like having a birthday” said the pensioner.

The charities came together and helped with new carpeting, furniture, a new bathroom suite and made his home much safer and warmer.

We’d like to thank all who gave up their time to help one of our valued ex-employees restore his pride in his home and in himself.