Portrait of Josh Stika

Josh Stika and Vauxhall reveal new artwork in London

ADAM ROCKS side view

Contemporary British artist Josh Stika revealed his latest striking street artwork in collaboration with Vauxhall Motors, following his recent three-month solo show at The Hoxton Hotel and two seasons of fashion design for ASOS and Boxfresh.


In his latest work, Stika’s signature intense use of colour formed a graphic swirl on the wall of Sclater Street near Brick Lane, London E1, which then stretched and merged onto Vauxhall’s ADAM ROCKS – creating an all-encompassing optical illusion from certain vantage-points.

The collaboration with Vauxhall Motors took Stika’s and Shoreditch’s street art one step further. The ADAM family is an expression of personality, as the ADAM, ADAM ROCKS and ADAM S can be customised in a million ways. Developing this idea, Stika used his iconic graphic and typographic style to literally paint his personality onto the wall and car, which merged into one when viewed from the correct angle.

Josh Stika in Brick Lane

Speaking of the project, Stika said, “East London is now recognised as the home of British street art, the walls are covered with fascinating works from amazing artists from all over the globe. I love the healthy competition this has created, with every artist trying to produce something bigger and better each time. Having worked within the graffiti scene for the past 15 years I welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with Vauxhall and challenge myself further. The brief simply being to put my personality on the ADAM really allowed me to create something stand-out, and engage with the car in my home environment of the Shoreditch streets.”

Josh Stika with the ADAM ROCKS

About Josh Stika

One of the UK’s most respected contemporary graphic artists, Josh Stika is best known for his witty slogans, intense colour combos and striking use of typography. STIKA’s foray into art began with him ‘writing’ on the streets of London, inspired by some of the UK’s most prolific graffiti artists. Unprecedented for his genre, and based on just a street-art portfolio, Stika was offered a place at Central St Martins art school. This unusual combination of fine art and street training continues to distinguish STIKA’s work.


At just 23 years old Josh was enrolled as the creative director of London-based creative agency Monorex. Skip forward a few years and he decided to go it alone, concentrating on the STIKA brand. Josh’s graffiti status is globally recognised and he has recently been featured in a 25-page main-feature retrospective and interview in Graphotism magazine, exhibited in Boxpark, and enjoyed a three-month solo show at The Hoxton Hotel.