Vauxhall and RED combat parallel-parking panic

A learner driver negotiates a roundabout in a Vauxhall Corsa

The parallel park. It’s the biggest test-day dread for learner drivers up and down the country. But in the year that marks the 80th anniversary of the UK driving test, the new Vauxhall Corsa is set to alleviate this fear with a state-of-the-art Reverse Park Assist function.


In partnership with RED Driving School, Vauxhall has created a short video to demonstrate the Corsa’s impressive feature. It follows a RED Driving School instructor and pupil on their first lesson. The pupil, despite struggling with the basics, masters his parallel park with more panache than expected.

A RED Driving School instructor helps her pupil

Paul Adler, Vauxhall’s Fleet Marketing Manager said, “RED is a long-standing and loyal customer of Vauxhall. The driving school has ordered thousands of Corsas from us over many years. The video we’ve made in partnership with RED is a fun way of highlighting the new Park Assist function available on Corsa, one of the most popular cars with new and learner drivers.”


Ian McIntosh, Chief Executive of RED Driving School said, “While the parallel park can be one of the more challenging elements of the driving test, it’s vital learners are confident with it – both in the test and when they take to the roads themselves. The video we’ve made with Vauxhall is designed to be humorous and look at something which is perceived as quite scary and difficult in a funny way. But there’s a very real message there too – parallel parking is an important skill.”

A learner driver moves skilfully into a tight parking space

About Park Assist

Vauxhall’s clever Advanced Park Assist identifies suitable parking spaces and automatically parks the vehicle, without the driver laying a hand on the wheel.


The ultrasonic sensor-based system measures parallel or perpendicular parking spots, calculates the vehicle’s trajectory and automatically steers the Corsa into a space. The driver just controls acceleration, deceleration and gear shifting.

A RED Driving School instructor holds on as her pupil does a handbrake turn

The sensors have a range of three metres to the left and right of the car, enabling them to detect objects or other vehicles in the driver’s blind spot. Whenever another vehicle comes within range of the sensors, a warning LED illuminates in the relevant exterior door mirror. The optional combined pack, which includes the up-level functionalities of Park Assist and Side Blind Spot Alert, is available for £495.