David Haye is a Great British Legend

Great British Legends is a series that profiles Britain’s best-loved figures from the worlds of comedy, sport and entertainment. This time, boxing legend David Haye shows GQ Editor Dylan Jones around his hometown from behind the wheel of the Vauxhall Astra.


The films and podcasts include David Haye on fame, David Haye’s early years, David Haye on the summer of boxing and David Haye on his career.

David Haye on fame

David talks all things fame, from being stopped in the street to having famous friends on speed dial and interviewing Justin Bieber in the ring. He also reveals what he’d be doing if it weren’t for boxing.


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David Haye driving the Vauxhall Astra

David Haye’s early years

In this episode, David revisits his childhood home in South London and reminisces about his role models, his first step into the boxing world and his mum’s old Astra.


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David Haye in the boxing ring

David Haye on the summer of boxing

David shares his thoughts on recent changes to Olympic rules, allowing the pros to compete against amateur boxers. He also talks through team GB’s line-up for Rio, including Nicola Adams and Joe Joyce.


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David Haye relaxed and laughing in the boxing ring

David Haye on his career

The former heavyweight champ recalls breaking his hand against the beast from the east. He also talks about his comeback, the UK heavyweight-boxing scene and being crowned the sexiest vegan of 2014.


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