Vauxhall radio ad helps night drivers stay alert

New research suggests that BETA sound waves can help to increase brain activity and alertness. We’ve created a unique track to be used in our radio ads which trials this technology and helps to subconsciously decrease drivers’ fatigue and improve their alertness. The ads will be played out at a time drivers are most at risk of fatigue – late at night.

About BETA waves

BETA waves are certain pulsating sound waves that can be used as a form of mechanical stimulation. This stimulation induces an ‘optimal cerebral performance’, or a peak state of brain activity. This is because different binaural frequencies affect the electrical pattern produced by the brain, where BETA waves stimulate an increased amount of activity in an otherwise relaxed state. In other words, on hearing BETA waves, a person’s concentration levels and alertness can be improved.


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About fatigue

Fatigue continues to be a big problem facing drivers all over the world. Whilst BETA wave technology can help with alertness the best way to fight tiredness is of course to take regular breaks. For more information on fatigue and how best to combat tiredness, visit