Follow the Vauxhall Christmas Road Trip


Forty-eight hours, 650 miles, eight Christmassy streets and one turbo-charged sleigh – a red Vauxhall Corsa. Will the Vauxhall elves make it? Follow #xmasroadtrip on Twitter to find out.

Watch the video below:

Map showing Vauxhall’s Christmas Road Trip route

The festive season has a habit of bringing things together. Presents and stockings. Christmas crackers and terrible jokes. Dads and questionable jumpers.


Christmas also brings communities together. At Vauxhall, we want to celebrate this – turning strangers into friends through a road trip across the nation.


Over two days, our Vauxhall elves, Ollie and Rob, will ride a Christmassy Corsa across the nation, twinning some of Britain’s most festive streets and spreading some cheer.

Gift Lane in East London will be twinned with Stocking Street, Stourbridge. Christmas Pie Avenue in Surrey meets Brandy Way, Sutton.

Where will they go next?