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Driver presses Vauxhall OnStar service button

Vauxhall OnStar wins Parkers tech innovation award

Vauxhall OnStar, the personal connectivity and service assistant, has won Best Car Tech Innovation at the Parkers New Car Awards 2018.

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John and Paula together.

Vauxhall OnStar Rescues Couple in Need

Learn how Vauxhall OnStar demonstrated its value in emergencies by helping rescue John Cook and his partner Paula from a situation which had them fearing for John’s life.

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A driver gets in touch with an Adviser using their OnStar button.

Onstar Reaches 1 Billion Customer Interactions

OnStar has reached 1 billion customer interactions. Discover how the service, available in the new Vauxhall Astra, has helped so many drivers over the years.

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