Vauxhall’s VX360° offers customers a service video


A mobile device shows a VX360° service video being played

Vauxhall is offering servicing you can see for yourself with VX360°, a programme that allows expert technicians to video recommended repair work and share it with owners immediately, via mobile and email.


Available now as a complimentary extra at participating Retailers, VX360° allows Vauxhall customers to authorise work with complete transparency and confidence.



How VX360° works:

  1. You book in your car at a participating Retailer.
  2. The Retailer sends a film of your car via email or text, providing details in the event of any urgent or recommended work.
  3. You approve the work at the click of a mouse or by emailing the service technician.


“The innovative VX360° system can be requested free as part of a regular service at participating Retailers and enables owners to view exactly what the technician sees, thanks to filmed footage of the customer’s vehicle while it is in a workshop,” said Alex Shields, Aftersales Business Operations Manager.


“This places customers in a unique position, where they can view the footage and make the choice about whether they wish to proceed and let workshop teams know immediately, saving both time and hassle.”


VX360° is available with different types of work, such as an MOT, servicing or repairs. Customers can request it on the day or when booking their Vauxhall in over the phone or online. For more information please visit