Vauxhall supplies 38 vans to Jeakins Weir


Vauxhall and Jeakins Weir together.

Vauxhall has supplied 38 vehicles to construction and property maintenance company Jeakins Weir in a deal that includes Movano, Vivaro and Combo models.


The 21 Movano Panel, seven Movano Chassis, seven Brit-built Vivaro Panel and three Combo vans will help Jeakins Weir to serve over 5,000 properties it maintains for the Victory Housing Trust across Norfolk.


All vehicles use diesel stop/start engines to help keep fuel costs down, and variants were also chosen by Jeakins Weir thanks to appealing CO2 figures that make the vehicles more environmentally friendly. Total cost of ownership and running costs were key considerations for Jeakins Weir throughout the tender process, and were instrumental in the Vauxhalls being selected. The vehicles were all supplied by the Hall Road Thurlow Nunn dealership in Norwich, with Vauxhall Leasing chosen to lease all 38 vehicles.

Vauxhall and Jeakins Weir together.

Of the seven Movano Chassis models, five have been converted to create double-height tippers, or “Greedyboards”. The conversion work was carried out by VFS conversions in Eastleigh, Hampshire. The approved Vauxhall conversion centre – among more conventional modifications – installed washbasins into all 35 of the vehicles to help Jeakins Weir in carrying out repairs, maintenance, and grounds maintenance duties across the Victory Housing Trust properties.


Neil Peverley of Jeakins Weir commented: “While our main considerations throughout the tender focussed on vehicle performance and total cost of ownership, it was also the servicing package that was stronger from Vauxhall than anyone else. We are in a fairly rural area and have a strong relationship with the Thurlow Nunn Vauxhall dealership, which will be crucial for us as we manage the vehicles.”


Richard Collier, Vauxhall’s National Commercial Vehicle and B2B Manager, added: “It’s great that our range has proved to be flexible enough to suit the needs across Jeakins Weir’s Victory Housing operations. The conversions completed by VFS also show how Vauxhall vehicles can be adapted in a multitude of ways to suit almost any application.”