Lulu is a Great British Legend


In the third edition of our Great British Legends series, iconic singer Lulu drives journalist Dylan Jones around her hometown of Glasgow in a Vauxhall Astra.


In our three short films, Lulu shows Dylan the places that shaped her early years. She recalls countless stories from her life in the spotlight, including being tipped by The Beatles, collaborating with David Bowie and Take That, songwriting with the Bee Gees and rediscovering her passion for performing.

The release of the new interviews coincides with Lulu’s tour announcement today, reinforcing her status as a ‘Great British Legend’.

Lulu follows in the footsteps of fellow legends, Harry Enfield and David Haye, who took part in the first two instalments of Vauxhall Astra’s Great British Legends series. The series profiles some of Britain’s best-loved figures from the world of sport, comedy and entertainment.

One in four Brits has either owned or driven a Vauxhall Astra at some point in their lives. Vauxhall has decided to celebrate this legendary status, alongside some other British living legends.

Lulu's films: Outline

Among other topics, Lulu talks of her early years in the entertainment industry, sharing the title for the worst James Bond theme-tune with Madonna, and working with Aretha Franklin. Here’s an outline of the films.

Lulu on her early career

‘Fourteen years of age and the Beatles are calling my song their favourite!’

  • Discovering her singing ability at an early age, growing up in the east end of Glasgow, starting in the industry at the age of 14, being endorsed by the Beatles on Ready Steady GO and being offered vocal lessons by Frank Sinatra

Film 2 – Lulu on her career highlights

‘That’s the only time Madonna and I can be together,’ jokes Lulu about her James Bond theme tune.


  • Working with industry greats such as Aretha Franklin, being one of an exclusive group to have released a Bond theme tune, and working and partying with David Bowie.

Film 3 – Lulu on songwriting with the Bee Gees and her husband Maurice Gibb

‘The Bee Gees have got to be some of the greatest songwriters, and I was married to Maurice.’


  • Singing the iconic opening to her hit Shout, her marriage to the Bee Gees’ Maurice Gibb, collaborating with Take That and enjoying the latest stage in her career, performing to sold-out shows.

Lulu and Dylan Jones on the films

Lulu said, ‘From performing at the iconic Barrowlands in my hometown of Glasgow right back at the start, my career has taken me on an incredible journey around the world. I have been fortunate enough to have achieved as much as I have, joined some other legends along the way, and to have this acknowledged by Vauxhall feels very special.’

Dylan Jones said, ‘There are few singers who have had such diverse and long lasting careers as Lulu, making her the perfect choice for this edition of the Great British Legends series. Lulu has worked with some of the biggest stars in the music industry, and is still performing to sell-out crowds today. She has been in the limelight for over five decades, cementing her status as a true Great British Legend.’


Our Great British Legends series is available as four episodes online at Legendary comedian Harry Enfield was the first celebrity to feature in the series, driving Dylan Jones around his university city of York, followed by former Heavyweight and Cruiserweight World Champion David Haye, who took Dylan around South London where he grew up.

Vauxhall Astra, in numbers

  • Manufactured in the UK. The Ellesmere Port plant builds approximately 680 cars per day and 120,000 per year.
  • It takes approximately 22 hours to build an Astra from sheet steel to the finished article.
  • Three million Vauxhall Astras have been sold over the past 36 years, with 60,000 in the past 12 months.
  • Five million Astras have been manufactured to date, with two million exported to 25 European markets.