Brits vote half-price shopping top ‘small victory’


Vauxhall Corsa 3-door on the road

Half-price bargains top the list of the nation’s favourite ‘small victories’, according to new research commissioned by Vauxhall Motors - closely followed by finding a £5 note in your pocket and a repair bill coming in cheaper than feared.


While 96 per cent of the nation agreed that small victories make their day better, over half of Brits (55 per cent) admitted they don’t take enough time to celebrate or enjoy them.


The research was commissioned to mark the launch of the new #smallvictories campaign from Vauxhall Motors, which calls on the British public to celebrate the little wins that improve their day.

The top 10 #smallvictories, as voted by the public, are:

  1. Finding the item you went out to buy is half-price
  2. Finding a £5 note in your pocket
  3. Getting a bill for repairs that’s less than you expected
  4. Green lights all the way on a car journey
  5. Being front of the queue when they open up a new till at the supermarket
  6. Getting an unexpected room/flight upgrade
  7. Having the house to yourself
  8. Getting your parallel-park right first time
  9. Getting a couple of right answers on University Challenge
  10. A free bar at a wedding

On average, Brits enjoy 429 small victories a year. That’s more than one brilliant life-moment every day.

Shot of a red Astra on the road

More small victories – from Vauxhall

With LED lights that see around corners, Park Assist technology to help you squeeze into that tight spot, and Apple Car Play to keep you connected, the Vauxhall Astra and Vauxhall Corsa are packed with features to give you even more small victories every day.


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