The ultimate road test: three bloggers, one class-leading SUV.


Front shot of the Grandland X beside some fields
Photo courtesy of @offthecuffldn

Higher. Sportier. Edgier. Whatever you’re looking for in an SUV, the new Grandland X has it all. And more. But we didn’t want you to just take our word for it. Instead, we asked three bloggers to put it through its paces.

First up was Off the Cuff, one of London’s lifestyle blogs. Fashion enthusiast (and family man) Simon Holbert took the car on a drive through the great outdoors – read why he loved every minute.

‘The Grandland X felt special from the moment I got behind the wheel’

Rear shot of a parked Grandland X
Photo courtesy of @apetogentleman

Next was Ape to Gentleman, a blog dedicated to the finer things in life. This time, the Grandland X was tested on home turf with a trip to the gym, the barbers and a family brunch. Read the full story.

‘It’s ideal for daily living yet still boldly styled to add a sense of ‘grandness’


Last but not least was Gentleman’s Journal. This bible for all things stylish ventured into snow-covered Shropshire for a weekend adventure. See where it took them.

Grandland X driving through the snow
Photo courtesy of @thegentsjournal

‘The grandeur of the Grandland leaves you feeling elated after you finally park up’

No matter where the bloggers went, and whatever the conditions, the Grandland X proved it was more than ready for the challenge. Why not discover it for yourself?