• New Corsa 1.0i Turbo
  • ADAM 1.0i Turbo


Vauxhall ecoFLEX technology comes together with our clever 1.0i Turbo petrol engine, utilising a turbo charger and direct injection technology to deliver a powerful performance from a smaller, lighter unit.


The result is an economical engine that outperforms many 4-cylinder units in terms of refinement and power, whilst offering efficiency to rival diesel competitors, with CO2 emissions from just 96g/km and a combined MPG figure of up to 68.9 in our multi-award-winning Astra. BiK tax starts at 16%*.


The refined 1.0i Turbo petrol is available in our Corsa, Astra and ADAM ecoFLEX models.

Examples are highlighted below:


  • Aluminium Alloy has been used during production to produce a lightweight unit for increased efficiency.
  • A single-scroll turbocharger allows engine capacity to be reduced which increases efficiency without sacrificing any power or performance.
  • Central direct-injection allows for a higher compression ratio, meaning the 1.0i Turbo Petrol can deliver increased torque without compromising engine efficiency.
  • Further efficiency enablers include the inclusion of variable valve timing and a switchable water pump.
  • An electronically controlled oil pump and thermostat ensures the 1.0i Turbo Petrol engine warms up quicker than traditional mechanically powered units whilst reducing the risk of mechanical losses.
  • Further noise attenuation features include the utilisation of acoustically optimised covers to ensure the engine offers class-leading refinement.


Start/Stop system

Vauxhall’s cutting edge Start/Stop fuel saving and emissions reduction technology is available on our ecoFLEX 1.0i Turbo petrol engines. The system switches the engine off when the vehicle stops at the lights or in traffic and then restarts it automatically once the clutch is depressed.


Efficiency is also aided by the addition of our brake energy regeneration system. This re-uses energy recovered from vehicle braking, helping to improve overall fuel consumption.


In addition, this engine’s new-generation six-speed manual transmission is 30% lighter than its predecessor, offering superior shift quality, excellent precision and smooth gear changes.

Benefits of choosing 1.0 ecoFLEX Turbo Petrol:

  • Impressive economy to rival diesel competitors with combined MPG up to 68.9**, helping to reduce your running costs.
  • Amazing efficiency with CO2 emissions from just 96g/km** ensuring taxes are kept to a minimum.
  • Benefit-in-Kind taxation from 16%.
  • Compliance with Euro 6 emissions standards.
  • Strong performance with lots of low end torque.
  • Class-leading noise, vibration and harshness for a refined driving experience.