Parts Central Billing

Parts Central Billing (PCB) enables Vauxhall to operate a parts supply programme for self-maintaining fleets and national repairer chains.PCB is used by customers in the following business classifications major corporate, blue light, fast fit, crash repair, glass repair and roadside assistance.

Supported by national network of Trade Part Centres, the web-based platform enables the customer to purchase parts at any of the participating Retailers and pay the same price for a part wherever it is bought in the country. You’ll receive one monthly invoice for all parts purchased during the month, dramatically reducing the number of invoices that need to be processed.


• Consistent national pricing
• Reduced invoicing errors
• Provides full transparency of invoice status and payment
• Allows surcharges and credits to be dealt with efficiently and quickly
• Consolidated monthly billing.


A web portal is provided for you to see:
• Price files
• Invoice status, nationally or at workshop level.


• Vauxhall parts
• Keys and locks
• Special tools


The PCB system also provides management information:
• Spend by workshop by month
• Spend by part number
• Spend by product group
• Outstanding surcharge report

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