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An upgrade on our Service4Fleet package, Service Central Billing could be just what you need.


Service Central Billing is a Vauxhall-only system, providing you with one central invoice each month, regardless of which Retailers your vehicles visited. It has already delivered tangible savings through reduced administration for work carried out on fleet vehicles across the Vauxhall Retailer network.


Centralised billing gives you control of costs by allowing your drivers to request your (electronic) approval for any work at Vauxhall Retailers across the UK. The result? A single invoice for all the previous month’s transactions.


The combination of menu pricing and electronic approvals means you’ll benefit from total transparency of services delivered and related costs. Avoid misunderstanding created by verbal instructions – pricing errors, incorrect authorisation codes and discrepancies between quoted and invoiced prices. And as a bonus, reduce administrative workload and costs.


Over time, you can use the Service4Fleet web portal to monitor transactions and manage your fleet account online. It’ll enable you to build up a history of maintenance and repair costs for each vehicle. It can also help you to plan what work will be required in the forthcoming financial period, and to budget accordingly.


All Vauxhall vehicles currently on your fleet can be entered into the system, enabling you to maintain an easy-to-use record of vehicle details, even when each vehicle is due to be replaced.


1link is the proprietary system used by Vauxhall (and most of our fleet customers) as the best way of sharing price, parts and servicing costs from Retailers to fleet customers. For vehicle fleets, leasing companies and warranty companies, it can lead to a massive reduction in paperwork, together with minimal invoice rejection.


We have a dedicated 1link support team. So if you need anything, we can get on to it in no time at all.