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Vauxhall B2B

Our dedicated small business team is here to take a load off your mind and look after all your vehicle needs. You’ll find all the information you need on costs, test drive bookings and contact information below.


Headline Offers

Funding and Purchase Options

Click on the following 3 ways to purchase to understand more about the advantages of each route.


Offers and Prices




Outright purchase

You may feel that the right option to give your business more flexibility is to wholly own your fleet vehicles. We offer enhanced purchase discounts on our range of company cars and award-winning commercial vehicles.


Advantages to Vauxhall business vehicle outright purchases are:

  • No mileage restrictions
  • Easy to release capital in the vehicle at any time
  • No contractual obligations
  • Own the vehicle outright, no third party involvement



Finance lease

Currently only available for Commercial Vehicles, Finance Lease is a flexible option which allows payment of the entire cost over an agreed period – or lower monthly payments with a final 'outstanding Rental' payment sometimes referred to as a balloon.

As the customer, you decide the size of the final rental payment, according to your company’s cash flow requirements: the greater the final rental payment, the lower the monthly rental, and vice versa. As with Contract Hire, you never own the vehicle – effectively you own the value of the asset, but not the asset itself. However, unlike Contract Hire, the vehicle appears on the balance sheet as an asset.


The programme is flexible, in that the amount of monthly payment is determined according to:

  • Value of the new vehicle
  • Amount of initial deposit (variable to suit the business requirements)
  • Length of the repayment period (2 to 4 years)
  • Size of final (balloon) payment at the end of the period

At the end of the term the customer has three options.

  1. Sell van to a third party. If the sold value is greater/less than the agreed balloon, the customer receives a credit/invoice
  2. Ask Vauxhall Leasing to sell van on their behalf. If the sold value is greater/less than the agreed balloon (after admin expenses) the customer receives a credit/invoice for the difference
  3. Pay the balloon and continue to use the van on a peppercorn rental (£100 per annum

Benefits of Finance Lease


  • Flexibility to vary terms to suit cash-flow and budgeting
  • No major capital outlay
  • VAT is recoverable on rentals (subject to certain restrictions)
  • Entire rental can be offset against taxable profit
  • Accurate cash flow forecasting through fixed company vehicle payments
  • There are no mileage restrictions/penalties. However excess mileage will affect a vehicle’s value at the end of the contract
  • Final asset value may be more than the final balloon payment
  • Customer has option to have use of vehicle after agreement period.



Contract Hire

Contract Hire is the ideal solution for small fleets that need company cars or commercial vehicles out on-the-road with the minimum fuss, leaving time to focus on the day-to-day running of the business.

Leasing a Vauxhall vehicle couldn’t be easier. Instead of paying to own it, you pay to use it. Depending on how much mileage1 you think you will cover and the size of the deposit you wish to pay2, our dedicated small fleet team is on hand to tailor a solution, including fixed monthly payments that best suit the needs of your business.


Benefits of Contract Hire:

  • No major capital outlay
  • Accurate cash flow forecasting through fixed company vehicle payments
  • Off balance sheet funding
  • Administration handled by the leasing company
  • Vehicle Excise Duty paid for duration of agreement
  • Vauxhall Roadside Assistance (48 hour courtesy car available)
  • No risk of depreciation as no need to sell vehicles


Further options include:

  • Full maintenance cover
  • No quibble tyre guarantee
  • Relief vehicle cover (for periods longer than 48 hours)
  • Pooled mileage


Terms and conditions apply



Contact your nearest small fleet solutions manager

Our dedicated team of small fleet solutions managers across the UK are ready to offer a personal, local service to businesses wishing to add our vehicles to their small fleet. Simply enter your details into the form, below, and one of our team will be in touch.