Effective 29 April 2013, major changes will be introduced regarding Commercial Vehicle Type Approval, specifically in relation to conversions. After this date, all commercial vehicles (with GVWs up to and including 3500kg) must comply with one of the following relevant European Type Approvals.



The new process for obtaining Type Approval can be costly, time consuming, complicated and logistically challenging, as there are only a very limited number of testing facilities throughout the UK.


However, the good news is that ALL Vauxhall Core and Recognised Conversions are already EC WVTA compliant ahead of the deadline – with many available for immediately delivery.


Movano Core Conversions:
Movano Recognised Conversions:
Chassis cab box vans
Chassis cab tippers
Low floor Luton vans
Crew cab tippers
Caged tippers
Chassis cab dropsides
Car transporters
Crew cab dropsides
Refrigerated vans

However, for other conversions, it will be the responsibility of the customer and convertor to ensure they are fully compliant with the relevant legislation.


EC WVTA and NSSTA Type Approval must be made in tandem with the original vehicle manufacturer (ie Vauxhall). The convertor (or customer) must have a legally documented relationship with the original vehicle manufacturer called a Letter of Association: proof that the conversion has the full technical approval of the original vehicle manufacturer.



EC WVTA is based around EC Directives and provides for the approval of whole vehicles, in addition to vehicle systems and separate components. This certification is accepted throughout the EU without the need for further testing until a standard is updated or your design changes.


National Small Series Type Approval is a UK national scheme for low volume manufacturers who intend to sell only in the UK. The advantages of NSSTA are relaxed technical requirements for some subjects, a more pragmatic approach to the Conformity of Production (CoP) requirements, and reduction in administrative requirements. Like ECWVTA, once the design is approved, individual vehicles do not need to be tested.


IVA Type Approval is a UK national scheme and the most likely route for those manufacturing or importing single vehicles or very small numbers. IVA does not require CoP as it is based on inspection of each vehicle, although most bodybuilders and converters will work with manufacturers to ensure there is no warranty compromise.


Under IVA, vehicles have to be inspected by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) in Great Britain or the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) in Northern Ireland.


Essentially, the new legislation has been put in place to ensure that when a vehicle leaves the original vehicle manufacturer, the conversion carried out is both safe and in line with the original manufacturer's engineering standards and requires that vehicles meet relevant environmental, safety and security standards.



Further legislation will come in to force on 29 October 2014, for vehicles above 3.5 tonnes GVW. 



Remember, Vauxhall has a comprehensive, fully type-approved range of Core and Recognised Conversions, many available for immediately delivery. Please follow these links to find out more about our fully compliant range of Core and Recognised Conversions



For more information regarding the new legislation please refer to VCA and VOSA (for Northern Ireland use DVA)

Alternatively, contact your Vauxhall Account Manager or you can call us on 0870 010 0651.