A world’s first for in-car entertainment






This is New Insignia‘s revolutionary Head-up Karaoke Package.


One way or another, driving will never be the same again.


New Insignia sees the introduction of the innovative Head-up display feature, capable of projecting speed, sat nav directions and road sign alerts onto the windscreen.


And now, it just keeps getting better with the Head-up display Karaoke Package, an ingenious option which projects your favourite song lyrics onto the windscreen for everyone to sing along to. For music lovers, nothing compares. Rock around the clock, turning every journey into a thriller.


And the excitement doesn’t stop there. Head-up Karaoke’s built-in recording system digitally assesses and scores you and your passengers for pitch, clarity and harmony. If you’ve got the power, your vocal performance will automatically be sent to one of the UK’s top recording companies for them to assess whether you really have got the X-FACTOR.


From Hotel California, Vauxhall’s In Car Entertainment guru, Mike Rafone commented, “There’s nothing worse than the sound of silence for some customers, and as the technology exists to project information onto the windscreen, we thought it would be madness not to make this happen”.


Try it out for yourself by pre-booking your New Insignia FREE 3 Day Test Drive† before 12pm today. It only takes a minute to make your request and we’re confident you’ll be singing its praises too.