Top Gear

"The ADAM is impressive inside. High-quality bespoke-look dash, built to a high standard? Check. High level of standard and optional kit, including smartphone docking? Yup. Space for four (not five) and a decent boot? You bet. But it's the fact you can make almost every part of it bespoke that's really amazing."


What Car?

"A fun driving experience is at the car's core, as are low running costs and endless style options in order to make an impact on the fashion-conscious, premium supermini market. We'd say the ADAM's real strengths lie in its cute looks, classy-looking dash and array of personalisation options. The Vauxhall ADAM has bags of style and luxury equipment, and a classy cabin."


CAR Magazine

"Vauxhall's baby remains a neatly styled, beautifully made and imaginatively optioned machine"


Auto Express

"The ADAM is a smart and fun-filled city car. It's exciting to drive with a bold image that takes in-car customisation and gadgets to new heights for this class."