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Fleet World – July 2014

“It’s a thoroughly modern unit, too. Vauxhall has used a variable turbocharger to offer smooth and progressive power delivery, a new multiple injection common rail system for a more efficient combustion cycle and fitted a NOx trap in the exhaust to meet Euro six requirements. The six-speed gearbox is also new.”


“…there’s a lot to be impressed with here. GM calls this the ‘Whisper Diesel’ and, even from cold, the engine lives up to its nickname. There’s a barely perceptible whirr, but almost no rattle even when idling and the engine is almost silent while driving. It’s a huge change from the 1.7 CDTi, which was hardly a noisy engine”


“The 1.6 CDTi is a delight to drive in the Astra, with impressive refinement and on-road performance.”