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The Daily Mirror, Quentin Wilson

“The whole thing has a premium look and feel”



The Independent

“The Cascada certainly does consolidate the more adventurous turn the Vauxhall range has taken in the last year”



The Daily Mirror, Richard Hammond

“I reckon the first large four-seat convertible Vauxhall has made since the 1930s looks pretty classy”



The Sun

“The stunning new Cascada convertible will be the flagship aimed at helping Vauxhall to overtake Ford as the UK’s best-selling brand by 2015”



Telegraph Motoring, Andrew English

"The massive fabric hood is something to behold. You'll not see such a device outside a Bentley"



The Sun Motors, Ken Gibson

"I drove the Cascada for nearly 400 miles over two days. And it was a relaxing stress-free and enjoyable experience, which marked it out as a convertible that is a useable everyday car and a genuine four-seater".



The Sunday Times Driving, Giles Smith

"A tour through the Alps in the emperor's hoofprints shows Vauxhall is serious about capturing territory from upmarket rivals with its deluxe convertible".



What Car?, Vicky Parrott

"Ultimately, is the added space and the sleek looks appeal, then the Cascada won't disappoint."



Autocar, Mark Tisshaw (Twin test against Audi A5 Cabrio)

"On the morning drive to the ferry, it's the Vauxhall that impresses more. Its cabin seems to stay a bit toastier that Audi's in the wintery weather and it proves to be a more comfortable motorway companion".



Diesel Car (Twin test against Peugeot 308 CC)
"Superior driving calibre and more stylish proportions win the day here. We applaud the Cascada for its chic looks, quick hood and slick good manners. It's the drop-top contest winner"



Sunday Express, Adam Towler

"Vauxhall wants the design-savvy buyers to purchase Cascadas, partly because people tend to have more money to spend but also in the hope that some of this trend-setting lustre will rub off on the manufacturer as a whole. To achieve that, Vauxhall has endowed the Cascada with sophisticated styling and at its core is a simple, value-for-money proposition".