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Top Gear (February 2016)
"Nice to drive and with funky doors, the Meriva is very practical for such a small car. What's not to like?"


Auto Express (February 2016)
"The innovative Vauxhall Meriva offers family-friendly transport thanks to its versatile seating and wide-opening doors. Composed handling and decent refinement give the little Vauxhall a bigger car feel, while the supple ride does a good job of soaking up bumps. Inside, the Meriva benefits from an upmarket look and feel. Decent quality plastics are used throughout, while the fit and finish is excellent."


AA (March 2014)
“Features like the rear-hinged FlexDoor arrangement and the customizable FlexRail storage system between the front seats mark the Meriva out as something unique among the competition. Everywhere you look in the car there are practical touches, and despite the subtlety of its styling updates it looks a lot more upmarket than it did before. The changes might be small, but they keep the Meriva on top of its game.”


"Whichever way you care to look at it, Vauxhall has a winner on its hands in the chunky shape of the Meriva."

“We recognized the Meriva as a winner the day it was first unveiled and it's still a real favourite of ours. The latest set of changes only reinforce that belief. Vauxhall has a really strong product portfolio at the moment and the Meriva is a car with few credible rivals.”