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Fleet World - February 2016. Insignia 1.6CDTI SRi Nav VX-Line

“There are numerous benefits in having Vauxhall’s OnStar system fitted to your company car, but the two I reckon are most useful are the constant 4G Wi-Fi hotspot it generates and the vehicle diagnosis service it provides. Having a guaranteed mobile 4G hotspot no matter where you are is brilliant for those who spend their working days in their car.
The second really useful aspect of OnStar is the remote vehicle diagnosis. This allows the advisors to assess your car remotely if a warning light comes on and then send directions to your sat nav to get you to the nearest Vauxhall dealership. It offers a monthly email report detailing your car’s oil level, tyre pressure and other important data. Which means that even the most unmechanically-minded company car driver can really have no excuse for not keeping their car in tip top operating condition”

Autocar - 2015

“The Vauxhall Insignia has been given a major makeover that centres on greater in-car refinement, much-reduced running costs for company car drivers and list price cuts of £3,500 to £5,000”

“Once you’re under way the engine noise seems to melt away and the engine [2.0CDTi 170PS] becomes as refined as any on the market. Better still, its torque spread is impressive”

Business Car - 2015

“Vauxhall has pulled the wraps off its upper medium Insignia, which is tipped to give it the edge over class rivals within the core company car market”
“We ran cost comparisons against key upper medium rivals, none of which could touch the Insignia on price or running costs. Insignia trounces rivals on costs and sustainability for business users”

“Class-leading running costs combine with the fleet-friendly Tech Line trim, which offers the latest technology so drivers don’t have to fork out for options”

“On the road, the engine’s (2.0CDTi 170PS) refinement claims are vindicated. It’s certainly eliminated that more commercial vehicle–like clatter, an improvement that continues under acceleration in particular, where the refinement has taken the Insignia from one end of the class up towards the other”

Business Car Manager - 2015

“If you want to slash your Company Car Tax bill, check out Vauxhall’s Insignia”

Auto Express - 2015

“With an attractive price and low CO2 emissions, it makes plenty of sense as a company car. It’s also frugal and drives well, plus the updated interior has real premium appeal”

“...cabin quality and driving comfort...emulating those of executive cars that are far more expensive”

“ costs are low, and if you go for Design specification, you’ll get useful equipment such as cruise control, DAB radio and electric lumbar adjustment to help soothe you during those long motorway trips”

Fleet News - 2015

“The Passat is still a strong contender, despite its age, but the surprise here is how the Insignia comes top in so many categories. The Volkswagen might have more luggage space, but the Insignia’s case is compelling.
Winner: Vauxhall Insignia.”

“Its modern, uncluttered design is up there with the best, while it remains as roomy and comfortable as its predecessor”

“The engine [2.0CDTi 170PS] shows its credentials with a generally subdued demeanour. Particularly hushed on idle, it is a full five decibels quieter and can easily be mistaken for a petrol unit”