Corsavan Press Reviews

Fleet World

“Despite the additional weight imposed by Euro 6 engines, the van also promises lower fuel consumption and emissions, with increased carrying capacity. You would expect such a compact van to be nippy in town and it doesn’t disappoint, darting for gaps in the traffic at every opportunity. What was less expected was its long distance comfort and the relatively smooth ride, even when unladen”


Auto Express

“It’s got sharp new looks and a thoroughly revamped interior displaying impressive levels of quality. The technology quota is ramped up too and if you opt for the top spec Sportive models you get a genuinely upmarket feel in the cab. There are operators looking for a small, affordable commercial vehicle who’ll never need to carry much in the back. In that role, the little Vauxhall can do a grand job.”


What Van?

“Looking for a smart, stylish interior? Then look no further because the latest Sportive's black and red dashboard trim is a knock-out.”

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