Grandland X Press Reviews

Car Magazine

"It looks good, feels good, it’s a pleasure to drive, well kitted and built to last."



“The Grandland X offers a secure, quiet, well-built and comprehensively equipped space in which to travel.”


“It’s also conspicuously well equipped with a full suite of active safety measures including lane departure and driver drowsiness warnings, plus forward collision, pedestrian protection and autonomous braking features.”


Auto Express

"It’s our first taste of the new Vauxhall, but given the three-cylinder turbo’s strong performance and reasonable running costs, it’s likely to be the pick of the range when it goes on sale in January."


"It’s decent (if not class-leading) to drive, comfortable, well-built, well-equipped and it’s impressively practical to boot. It’s subtly smart looks and upmarket cabin will suit those put off by the bolder designs in the class."



"The Grandland X certainly looks the business and the interior has a premium feel to it."

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