Insignia Press Reviews

Fleet World
“For a car which will likely spend a lot of its time travelling on business, this is a decent place to do it. The interior is roomy (five adults can fit easily). The diesel engine delivers smooth performance allied to a six-speed manual gearbox which has a short and positive action.”


Auto Express
“The Vauxhall Insignia hatchback offers plenty of style and comfort to rival the Ford Mondeo, the Insignia is smartly designed and packed with up-to-date technology”


Business Car
“We ran cost comparisons against key upper medium rivals, none of which could touch the Insignia on price or running costs. Insignia trounces rivals on costs and sustainability for business users. Class-leading running costs combine with the fleet-friendly Tech Line trim, which offers the latest technology so drivers don’t have to fork out for options”


Auto Express
“With an attractive price and low CO2 emissions, it makes plenty of sense as a company car. It’s also frugal and drives well, plus the updated interior has real premium appeal”


Business Car
“If you want to slash your Company Car Tax bill, check out Vauxhall’s Insignia”

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