The Star

"The latest Viva is a good car in every way, being fun to drive with tempting pricing and cute styling, plus its economy and low emissions make for low running costs."


The Independent

"The new Vauxhall is great fun to chuck around, it will cruise at motorway speeds, is superbly manoeuvrable for parking and is easy to get in and out of. Viva la Viva!"


Fleet News

“The High RV and low P11D mean it’s the cheapest car to run in its class”


Auto Express

“On the road, the Vauxhall is exactly what most buyers would want from a city car: safe, predictable and easy to manoeuvre. The Viva is almost as cheap to run as it is to buy, with a fuel-sipping engine and rock-bottom insurance”


What Car?

“The interior feels sold, the engine is smooth and you get a good level of safety kit as standard”

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