Vivaro press reviews

Auto Express

“As well as setting a very high standard for engine refinement, the Vivaro serves up a smooth ride that copes with bumpy British tarmac without crashing or sending shudders through its body.”


Commercial Fleet

“The old Vivaro was pretty car-like to drive, but this new model takes things to a new level, with the seats being dropped by 36mm and the steering wheel rake steepened.

Now, to all intents and purposes, the driver could be aboard an MPV with slick gear changes and competent handling”


What Van?

“A hugely impressive UK-built package with plenty to offer. The first thing that strikes you about the vehicle as you accelerate away from rest is how extraordinarily quiet it is. You have to strain your ears to catch any decibels from the engine, while wind noise and road roar are almost completely suppressed.

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