Do I need to spend my full mobility allowance to get a Vauxhall car on the Motability Scheme?

There are cars in our range for disability allowance customers that are set at a fixed weekly rate that is less than your allowance. Such as, Viva, Adam and Corsa. See our cars, offers and prices page below for more information.


What does nil advance payment mean?

Nil advance means you do not have to pay a lump sum in addition to the fixed weekly rate of the vehicle to lease your chosen car. Instead you simply exchange all of your weekly mobility allowance and nothing more.


The Vauxhall Motability team works hard to ensure our range includes nil advance models that are highly suited to our customers, such as the 7-seater Zafira Tourer 1.4i, Astra 1.4i SRi Hatchback and Sports Tourer and Mokka Active 1.4i. See our cars, offers and prices page below for more information.


What if I would like to pay FOR OPTIONAL EXTRAS with my own money?

We recognise our disability allowance customers have a range of needs and preferences. That means we offer a number of different trim levels with the option of paying an advance out of your own finances should you prefer to do this.


On the pages for each of the cars in our Motability range, you can see which additional features are available on each model. Alternatively, you can use our ‘Help me choose’ tool (see below) to discover which vehicles we recommend for your needs.


You can also speak to your local retailer to discuss options and prices and arrange a test drive.


Is an advance payment a deposit that I’ll get back later?

If you choose a vehicle with an advance payment, it means you’ll need to pay the specified lump sum out of your own finances and this contributes to the payment of the car on top of your mobility allowance.


Because it is part of the payment you will not receive it back at any point. However, it will be fixed at the figure quoted when you order your vehicle.


You may be required to pay a holding deposit when you order your new car. However, this will be deducted from your advance payment when you collect it.



Your local retailer will confirm whether your advance is payable before, or on the day, you collect your new car.


Can I trade in my privately-owned car?

If your preference is a Vauxhall model that requires an advance payment and you are new to the Motability scheme, you can speak to your retailer about trading in your car against the advance.