Why the vauxhall motability scheme?


At Vauxhall, we understand that finding the perfect vehicle to cater for your individual needs and lifestyle can make all the difference. As a founder member of the Motability scheme, and one of the largest suppliers of cars for disabled drivers and their carers, no one understands better than us.

We’re proud that since 1977, we’ve been offering functional solutions that provide outstanding ease, comfort and freedom for thousands of people with limited mobility. To help you become more mobile and independent, we know that you may need a vehicle with exceptional flexibility, comfort, cabin roominess, space and easy access – without compromising on performance, style or affordability.

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We are committed to making it easy, not to mention affordable as possible for you to get behind the wheel. You deserve nothing less. That’s why Vauxhall offers Motability customers a wider range than any other manufacturer. With models ranging from the stylish VIVA city car and brilliant Corsa right through to Vauxhall’s ground-breaking New Mokka X compact SUV and class leading Insignia you’re sure to find your ideal vehicle.

And once you’ve chosen your Vauxhall, we will do everything possible to ensure your right to mobility is coupled with safety, comfort, money saving efficiencies and driving pleasure. That’s why a large number of our vehicles are highly accessible for wheelchair users and also why we offer front and rear parking sensors for free to all Motability customers.

Furthermore we believe that mobility should be affordable to all. As part of this belief we have coupled our Motability cars with Vauxhall’s ecoLEX engine technology. The ecoFLEX philosophy embodies a belief that fuel saving technology and driving enjoyment should not be mutually exclusive.

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To help make travelling more comfortable and easier at all times, whether you’re the driver or passenger, a range of Motability adaptions can be fitted to any model in our Motability scheme, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind.

To take the hard work out of driving and reduce driver stress, Vauxhall offers the option of a full automatic transmission that adapts to your driving style at any given time, whilst taking road conditions into account. Or, there’s the five-speed Easytronic clutchless manual gearbox with a fully automatic mode. It’s agile and smooth and, since there’s no clutch pedal, it can be driven on an automatic-only driving licence.



With over 400 retailers nationwide, of which 95% are Vauxhall Motability partners, we’ve made finding the perfect vehicle as simple as we possibly can. What’s more, to help you find the right vehicle to suit your needs, every member of our dedicated Motability team is trained and certified in Disability Awareness, so you can be confident that you’ve made the right choice.

We also have a dedicated Motability Freephone number. So, whether you are a Motability driver or the carer of a disabled person in the scheme, take a look at our range of affordable offers today. You’re in safe hands.