Good Samaritan Janice Dunlop Rewarded by Network Q


When Janice Dunlop witnessed an accident on the A27 in West Sussex, she didn’t hesitate to offer the survivors shelter in her Vauxhall Vectra. Little did she know that this would result in the emergency services having to cut the roof off her car to free the victims later that day.


The accident had occurred when a HGV lorry lost control and hit 2 cars before rolling onto its side, completely blocking the road. Whilst waiting for the Emergency Services to arrive, Janice, 38, had kindly offered the traumatized victims a safe place to sit down. By the time Paramedics reached the scene, the man and women were complaining of neck pains and Janice was advised that they would have to be removed from her vehicle on spinal boards in order to reduce the risk of paralysis. Much to ‘heartbroken’ Janice’s surprise, the roof would have to be cut off her car.


When approved used car brand Network Q heard of this news, they were moved by the kindness that Janice had shown and were also concerned that she may not be able to receive a replacement car through her insurance. They were delighted to be able to help by offering her a 57 Reg Vectra worth almost £5000, a significant upgrade to the car she had lost.


"We're delighted that Network Q stepped in and provided us with a replacement Vectra," said Mrs Dunlop. "Our family loves Vauxhall and the previous Vectra was the most reliable car we ever had. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Network Q for replacing our car."