Network Q Twenty Three Year Anniversary


Perhaps you don’t remember the original ‘Only Q’ TV advert (The Platters backing track) But whilst it only seems like yesterday to some of us, it is in fact 23 years since the Vauxhall approved used car brand, Network Q, first opened its doors to customers.


Network Q paved the way in the used car market; like never before customers were able to buy a second hand vehicle without worry or concern with the additional reassurance that it was backed by the manufacturer. With the multi-point vehicle checks and warranties, for the first time ever customers had the assurance that they were buying a quality vehicle that came with the same guarantees that you would get when buying new. And maybe it’s for those reasons that 23 years on, over 350 Retailers across the country are still proud to be part of Network Q. Retailers up and down the UK are still delivering customers quality approved used Vauxhalls with a promise of comprehensive vehicle checks, excellent warranties, 5 days’ free insurance and even a 30 day exchange if you’re not happy.


And on top of the standard programme, customers can also benefit from a competitive finance PCP scheme that gives customers the option to spread their payments over an extended period of time, making your purchase of a Network Q vehicle even easier.


So whether you do remember the TV ad from the 1980’s or not, it doesn’t change that fact that if you’re looking to buy used, you should be looking to buy through Network Q. Over 2 million others have.