Accident Repairs

If you have an accident, call Vauxhall’s FREE accident management service first on 0333 3202 304. We’ll speak to your insurer for you.

If you have an accident, your insurance company may try to direct you to one of their Bodyshops which aren’t necessarily Vauxhall-approved. The problem is that they might not use genuine Vauxhall parts or Vauxhall-approved accident repair techniques, so they can’t guarantee to return your car to the standards to which it was built.


But you don’t have to let them do this. It’s completely up to you where and who repairs your Vauxhall, so ask your insurer to have your Vauxhall repaired at one of our Approved Bodyshops. Or call us first if you’re in an accident and we’ll do that for you, completely free of charge.

Vauxhall Accident Repair Standards

If you want to make sure your repair is carried out to the highest standards, visit one of our Approved Bodyshops. Across our network of Approved Bodyshops, our fully-trained technicians follow approved repair techniques and use genuine Vauxhall parts every time. We also support them closely to ensure that you receive great service while your car is being repaired.


Our Approved Bodyshop service guarantees:


· Genuine Vauxhall parts

· Vauxhall-approved repair techniques

· Vauxhall-trained staff and certified procedures

· The highest standards, with an annual audit to confirm approved status.


Our teams have to demonstrate excellent customer service, too, so we’re sure to look after you. And did we mention it’s completely free? There are no fees or sign-up needed.


Just add the number to your phone: 0333 3202 304.


Getting Approved Accident Repairs

Remember, it’s your right to tell your insurer where you want your vehicle repairs completed. They might steer you towards their choice of Bodyshop, but tell them it must be Vauxhall-approved.


Or we can do this for you. Call our accident management support team on 0333 3202 304 instead of your insurer, and we can deal with them for you, and have your Vauxhall repaired at a Vauxhall-approved Bodyshop.


Choosing one of our Approved Bodyshops guarantees your Vauxhall is repaired to the highest standards, meaning your safety isn’t compromised in the future.


Our team is on hand 24/7 to help you through the next steps, including handling your insurer and roadside recovery.


Just save the number to your phone: 0333 3202 304.


If you have an accident, we can:

· Arrange roadside recovery* and a replacement vehicle
· Contact your insurer for you, and handle your claim on your behalf
· Repair your Vauxhall at an Approved Bodyshop, using approved techniques and genuine Vauxhall parts, to the highest quality standards
· Certify all your repairs, to protect a future resale of your Vauxhall.