Car Body Repairs

Our Approved Bodyshops specialise in repairing Vauxhalls, whether it’s a scratch, scuff, dent or larger repair. So if there’s any damage to your Vauxhall, you can be sure that you’ll receive the right service and have your Vauxhall restored to top condition.

The bodyshop technicians in our network of Approved Bodyshops are on hand to provide expert advice about what type of repair is best for your car. They can help with small scuffs and scratches, or fit brand new parts to the car in the event any are damaged in an accident.

Choosing A Repairer

Your car was built to strict safety standards initially so if the bodywork is damaged and then repaired, it should be returned to those strict standards to ensure your car continues to be safe for you and your family.


Compromising on quality when it comes to repairs can mean that non-genuine parts (parts which weren’t designed by Vauxhall for your Vauxhall) or second-hand parts are used. It can also mean that non-approved repair methods are used, which can affect how that part, such as the bumper, performs if in another accident.


Choosing Vauxhall-approved repairs ensures you don’t have to worry about this. You’ll benefit from the training our bodyshop technicians undertake to become a specialist in approved repair methods. If a part needs replacing, they’ll use genuine Vauxhall parts and specialist equipment.


Our bodyshops undergo rigorous audits each year to guarantee the bodyshop skills and working practices are adhered to, and that you are receiving the best technical quality and service standards for you and your Vauxhall.


With over 130 Approved Bodyshops across the country, there’s one local to you and ready to help.