Car Dent Repair

Dents to your car can be a pain, but they are often easy to fix repair and don’t break the bank. With a dent repair from a Vauxhall Approved Bodyshop, you can drive away with no sign of the dent and your car’s bodywork as good as new.

It’s up to you if you want to go through an insurer or not to remove or repair a dent to your car’s bodywork. Often, for small dents and those where the paint is undamaged, it’s easier and less expensive to not claim on your insurance.


There are a range of options available to repair your car, so we can talk you through the best option for repair:


  • Smart repairs use advanced techniques to offer quick repair to damage without having to replace the part, such as a bumper or door panel.
  • Paintless dent repair is a specialist technique that offers quick and efficient dent removal, without the need to replace a part or repaint the area.
  • Paint repair and replacement parts might be needed if the damage is more extensive. Our bodyshops have specialist equipment and trained experts to ensure the repairs are quick and affordable.
  • Our experienced team can take a look at the damage and talk you through the best way to repair it, as well as provide a transparent, clear and no-obligation quote for you.
  • Our bodyshop technicians are fully-trained on repair methods for all size of dents and repairs. And because they’ve achieved Vauxhall Approved Bodyshop status, you can be safe in the knowledge that they’ll deliver great customer service as well restoring your car properly.


So for high quality, affordable dent repairs, speak to your local Approved Vauxhall Bodyshop.