Car Paint Repair

Paint damage can happen as a result of an accident, scratch or grit on the road. Even automated car washes can scratch the paintwork on your car, giving a characteristic swirl of scratches. Often paintwork damage doesn’t result in a scratch of the bodywork, meaning just the paint needs touching up.

A common concern is that the paint repairs don’t blend in with the existing paintwork and the damage is clear to see. But with our trained bodyshop technicians, you can rest assured that the paintwork will be restored seamlessly.


With years of experience in paint, scratch and accident repair, the experts at your local Vauxhall Approved Bodyshop can advise on how best to repair the paintwork and restore the area to its pre-accident condition. They can talk you through a transparent, clear quote if work is recommended.

If you think the damage is deeper than this, find out more about how we can fix repair it:

Touch-Up Paint & Paint Pens

You can easily find paint that matches the colour of your car at your local Vauxhall Retailer.


The touch-up pen is a quick and easy way to touch-up marks and scuffs. Pens are small bottles of paint with a delicate brush that helps you touch-up those small scratches and chips at the surface of the bodywork. And you can do it yourself, at home!


If you know your car’s colour, you can buy paint pens in our online store. Otherwise, visit your local Vauxhall Retailer and ask the parts team to supply you with the same shade.