Car Alloys

‘Alloys’ refer to strong and lightweight wheels made from aluminium and traces of other materials. Car alloy wheels can be more expensive than steel-plated alternatives, but they add extra style to your car and have some other benefits you might not be aware of.

We have a range of alloys specifically designed for individual Vauxhall models, allowing you to upgrade your car or change the look without having to change cars.


There are a range of styles available to choose from. They vary by the number of spokes, with single-spoke alloys and double-spoke alloys, and different styles such as turbine alloys and atomic alloys. We offer bi-colour and black alloys too.

Why upgrade to alloys

There are three key benefits to alloy wheels, including upgrading the look of your car:


1. Alloy wheels are popular due to their aesthetic appeal because they look lighter and less clunky than steel wheels, and they tend to increase the overall value of the car. The range of designs we offer allows you to personalise your car even further.


2.They weigh significantly less than the steel-plated wheels, but they’re incredibly durable. Because they’re lightweight, they decrease the ‘unsprung’ weight of the car (weight that is not supported by the car's suspension, making it vulnerable to shock transmission) which can mean the car is easier to handle, has an increased steering precision, is easier to accelerate and gives improved fuel consumption.


3. The spokes are designed to let air flow freely around the tyre, cooling the brakes efficiently.


Enjoy all these benefits with genuine Vauxhall alloy wheels. Genuine alloys have undergone safety and performance testing to ensure they will keep you safe on the road, as well as looking great.

Caring for your alloys

Alloys must be cared for and maintained in order for them to look and feel right for your car.


Here are a few tips for taking care of your car’s alloys:

1. Rinse wheels first to remove loose dirt and brake dust

2. Spray one wheel at a time with an alloy wheel cleaner (avoid acid based wheel cleaners with abrasive components)

3. Use a soft bristled wheel brush to cut through dirt on the wheel

4. Towel dry each wheel after cleaning to prevent water spots

5. Don’t forget to clean the wheel bolts or nuts to give a complete clean look

Alloy cleaning products

We’ve carefully selected a range of car cleaning products that offer maximum clean without damaging your alloys. There are three key products to help keep your alloys sparkling:

  • Wheel cleaner: this spray cleaner rapidly dissolves dirt including brake dust, salt and road dirt without damaging the alloy.
  • Wheel brush: constructed to provide tough cleaning of the wheel without scratching or damaging the alloys, an alloy wheel brush reduces time and effort.
  • Wheel sealer: when your alloys are clean, spraying them with a wheel seal helps them to stay cleaner for longer.