Car Bike Rack

Car bike racks are an easy way to transport your bikes when you’re touring the UK and Europe, allowing you to take them anywhere you want. Bike carriers now offer greater safety, ease of use and fit than ever.

Upright, roof-mounted bike racks allow quick and easy loading of your bike and the specially designed holder and straps make it easy to secure your bike. We’ve partnered with Thule, specialists in car roof accessories, to bring you a range of Vauxhall-approved roof accessories.


When looking for a new bike carrier for your Vauxhall, there are a number of suppliers out there. However, our network of over 400 Vauxhall Retailers can access one of the largest stocks of parts in the UK, and they can help to find and fit the right bike carrier and roof bars for your Vauxhall.


Choose your Retailer and they can order and fit the bike carrier for you. They can tie it in with an upcoming visit you may already have booked. Or you can pop in and buy the bike carrier there and then.

Key features of our approved bike carriers include:


  • Wheel tray and frame holder that help to guide your bike into place.
  • Wheel holders with quick-release straps and soft pads that hold the wheel securely.
  • Safety claws that ensure safe mounting and demounting of the bike.
  • Prevents over-tightening of the frame to avoid damage.
  • Tool-free bike carrier mounting onto the roof bars, on either side of your car.


There are other types of bike racks such as rear-mounted racks that fit onto the back of your car or tow bar, but they can obscure rear lights or registration plates and mean the bikes are too close together, causing damage.


Roof-mounted bike racks are good for loading one or two bikes and sometimes more. They’re easy to fit and tend to be less costly than tow bar-mounted racks. They are good for longer journeys and leave you free access to the boot. They need roof bars on your car first for the bike carrier to be attached to, but we can help with these too.

Roof Bars

When using a roof-mounted bike carrier, you’ll also need roof bars for the carrier to fix onto. However, the same roof bars can be used across different Vauxhall models and with roof boxes, ski/snowboard carriers and even kayak carriers, so they’re handy to have. We can help to find the best roof bars for your Vauxhall, as well as the bike carrier.


Your local Vauxhall Retailer is on hand to help with accessories and can fit the roof bars and bike carrier for you too.

Vauxhall offer a huge range of accessories, specially designed or selected for their optimum fit and performance with your Vauxhall car.